In defense of Facebook....kinda.

I know that Facebook has kind of a bad rep, and I can't say that it is wholly undeserved, but there are quite a few redeeming qualities about this social networking juggernaut that I think are worth highlighting:

- There are people who have crossed my path at one time or another, but we've lost touch over the years due to relocation (on my part usually), change of circumstances, life, etc. Facebook puts those people right smack back in your life, even is just for a quick making-up-for-lost-time message exchange. (By the way, people, please use FB messaging or email for this. We don't need to see each of your respective life histories spanning the entire wall, often sharing very private, sensitive information like it's nothing more than a report of what you're doing this weekend. Or what you ate for lunch.) Not to mention, it never ceases to surprise me how perfect is the timing when someone does come back into your life (er, e-life, I guess), but that not really Facebook so much as it is God (IMO). Facebook is merely the vehicle. Like a Delorean. Except...nevermind.

- For those people with whom you don't necessarily speak every day, you can still keep up with that friend's status updates and remain in the loop when something wonderful or awful happens. And while I guess the argument could be made that you're not real "friends" if this isn't the kind of news they would share with you in person/text/personal email, I do think there are a lot of people who don't like having to update every single solitary person in one's contact list ((raises hand)) when a quick note will at least ensure no one is in the dark. Not to mention, it's pretty remarkable how loved a bunch of responses to a simple status update can make you feel, even if they are so-called "pseudo-friends." (Trust me.)

- You can see how unattractive all the popular kids in high school have gotten a la their huge collection of photo albums, which they update after every weekend of binge drinking in the hometown they never left. (To be fair, most of my high school classmates are still pretty hot and are doing cool stuff. But we're only ten years out, which really isn't sufficient time for full-blown hot messness to sink in. And yes, that's a word. I just used it. And I am never wrong.)

- The birthday reminders. I seriously got all faklempt on Monday after the bagillion well-wishes from friends, pseudo-friends, family, etc. via Facebook. Call me a sap, but for a girl who doesn't like to talk on the phone (I DON'T HAVE INTIMACY ISSUES), this was the equivalent of having a voicemail box chock full o' love. Or even a regular mailbox, if you will.

Now, do the inane apps make me raging angry with the fire of a thousand suns? You betcha. But there is always a trade off, and so long as that "block this application" option sticks around, I will be one happy camper.

Unless my pseudo-friends keep asking me out. (No, I'm not talking about you.) When I don't respond, that's the electronic equivalent of me turning my back on you in a bar and chugging my Blue Moon like I've been parched for days. Take the hint, e-dudes.


  1. OH my Lord, where to start.
    1-Laughing my ever loving rear end off at this post and pretty much agree on EVERY point
    2 - "but for a girl who doesn't like to talk on the phone (I DON'T HAVE INTIMACY ISSUES)"...I may have to get this tatooed somewhere on my body
    3 - If for no other reason, I love bday reminders and...
    4 - no response = turned down, let me know if men EVER figure this one out!

  2. Here here! I NEED Facebook to remind me of birthdays, personal triumph's, etc. It's perfect for those who live out of state or are simply too busy to call/talk to their sister! Sorry, she's a busy college student so I forgive her. But, if it weren't for facebook, I doubt I'd know half of what's going on in her world.

    PS- everytime some one comments on one of my posts, I smile. It's like gaining a blog reader you aren't related to- Awesome!

  3. Oh yes, if nothing else Facebook is good for birthdays and organising events (because eVites never really took off this side of the pond). And I love the last aside :D