"I'm so glad I found this..."

I woke up this morning with the unmistakable desire to go for a long walk outside. (Yes, this is Natalie, and no, I have not fallen ill nor taken unmarked pills.) I've done nothing but trash my body all weekend (great times, for sure), and I knew that today would be the day I ventured out to do something I've wanted to do for about a year: walk the bridge over Lake Ray Hubbard.

The bridge is two miles long and has an awesome, wide sidewalk that is partitioned off from the traffic (thus you don't run the risk of getting swiped out of existence by someone who is texting behind the wheel). There is also a nice little marina on the east side where you can park safely, feed ducks (should you feel so inclined to share with those mean bastards), have a picnic, and/or stretch before your walk (the importance of which this former ballerina cannot stress enough).

I loaded my iPod with a playlist of songs with which I am currently obsessed (some Editors, The Cribs, Mute Math, Ray LaMontagne, Air, MGMT, etc.), pulled on my leggings and micro-fleece, got my headband and Ray-Bans in place, and began the walk that God had planned for me on this Sunday.

As soon as my feet hit the pavement and The Cribs' "We Share the Same Skies" swelled in my ear pods, I burst into tears. I mean full-blown, snotty nose, sucking in heaping breaths of cold air sobs. The wind lapped at my ponytail. Seagulls coasted overhead. My legs tensed and tightened. The raucous lake smelled crisp and wet. And I couldn't stop smiling.

This is probably one of the weirdest reactions I've ever had to (ostensibly) a work out, but the pure joy I felt at that moment is something that I will never forget, and not much can touch how amazing I felt today.

There was no guy involved. No substance to blame (unless that pre-walk ibuprofen was only mistaken as such). I didn't even have my Blackberry on me. (I KNOW.)

There are very few pure delights in this world, and these pleasures are sparked and experienced differently by each of us; but this was all mine. I know that this afternoon was a gift for me because He knew that is exactly what I needed.


  1. Fan-tab-ulous!Way to end the weekend Nat!

  2. Aaawwww Nice. So happy for you. Everyone needs this every once in a while. And everyone experiences it in different ways. Amazing.

  3. You went for a walk during Snuggie appropriate weather and left your Blackberry? If hell froze over, I sincerely wish I would have been told. I kid, I kid. I need so many more of these moments in my life, but maybe I adore them so deeply because there are so few of them. Thank you for reminding us what a moment of pure joy feels like. Maybe one time we should take the SO out and get active? Okay, you're right...one crazy thing at a time!

  4. Ah music...like holding a magnifying glass to your soul. I'm so glad you had a great Sunday My Love.

  5. I would say that was an irrational reaction at all. I don't think I've been personally driven by tears by such a moment, but I have definitely felt an immense uprush of emotion at an instance of pure beauty and joy. You know the kind, where you imagine the orchestra soundtrack to your life would swell at just that point in time. Mundane to the outside reader maybe, but I know what you mean, not least because you described it extremely well.