A drop in the bucket for a lifetime of memories...

Ticket price at the door to see The Cribs at the Granda...$22
Valet parking behind the venue (so as to not get murdered after the show)...$8
Bar tab for Stellas consumed at show...$10
Number of ridiculously tall couples who took one too many Ecstasy tabs and almost humped right in front of me...1
Post-show snack (oh how I love thee, Spicy Nacho Doritos)...$1
Tylenol required to calm my aching knees from dancing so damn much during the show...3

Staring at (The) Johnny Marr for 60 minutes straight...priceless

1 comment:

  1. Mr. Marr's collabs after The Smiths is unreal!

    Also... you are the only person (besides myself)I know that fans out over Morrissey. Keep it up!