Don't make me drop kick you with my adult-sized foot!

Why, pray tell, is it an act of congress to order something off the damn kids' menus in restaurants? I don't understand why I must relegate myself to only ordering plates bigger than my head, often overflowing with food I wouldn't even begin to know what to do with (unless it's pizza...or french fries...or pasta. I've got those.).

Yes, I understand these happy meals are cheaper than the "adult fare," but it's not about that. I don't want food that I'm not going to consume. And I don't eat leftovers (unless, of course, it is of the aforementioned delectable food variety). However, while we're on the subject, how does the fact that I'm old enough to make all matter of legal (bad) decisions change the preparation cost of the mini food goodness? Is there an Old Broad Tax I'm not aware of?

For example: why, oh why, Burger Joint must you deprive me of the minuscule soda (seriously, makes a Dixie cup look generous....AND they don't even have lids that size) that should come with the kid's grilled cheese and french fry combo because I'm NOT 10 years old? (If you've seen me throw a hissy fit, this is likely a point of contention.) Who made the arbitrary decision that the smallest soda known to man is the deal-breaker when it comes to equalizing a scrumptious $4 meal? Way to stick it to your small-stomached patrons. Gah!

Perhaps there wouldn't be so many overweight, pill-popping Americans with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. if it weren't such a whip to order the adorable little portions offered to the small people.

Not to mention, there is usually also a cookie and/or toy involved. Holla!


  1. Haha, first of all, gotta love the labels. And definitely with you on that the why-can't-grown ups-order-the-kiddie-food. Sometimes the toy alone makes it a tempting offer! (Hey, who WOULDN'T want a wind-up X-wing? :P) Do what my shameless friend did once when he got grief for ordering a Happy Meal. Say it's for your little sister. Done.

  2. Different strokes for different folks, my dear Nat. I understand your frustration, although for me, the amount of food is a challenge which I usually win(or lose depending on how you look at it). I guess that also explains why Rick and I are dieting (again). BTW, Rick says put on your big girl panties and deal with it(I told him you don't have any big girl panties).

  3. Amen Sista! I love how they look you up and down with their judging eyes! But yet they freely hand over the super sized meal to the 400lb (by choice) walking heart attack. I think they should make a "tweener" meal for those of us who just want a taste of the bad, and like to play with the toy in the car on the way home.

  4. You hit the nail on the head- slim, in shape people do not equal $$

  5. You are so right. I'd like to be there when they make those decisions. I just picture your typical fast food manager calling all the troups in for a meeting. Saying things like "well, it's come down from the top. No more selling kids meals to adults. They arent called kid/adult meals. If they press the issue, give it to them but make them buy a large drink. We are going to get these people fat!. Now get out there and give a 110% and smile. Remeber, every customer is a friend....a McSpecial friend." I may have an over active imagination though. :-)

  6. Oh! That's why I LOVE McDonald's Happy Meals. A small fry, cheeseburger & small coke are just the right size. I usually just tell em to keep the toy though.