Stop me if you think that you've heard this one before...

Don't get me wrong: the division of the friends following a breakup is super sucky, especially if you have a long history together. But, by far, the worst, most devastating part of a split is having to take a break from the radio.

And your whole CD collection.

And any live music venue with a band that might play a chord that even resembles one of the songs from the Black List.

The Black List is comprised of songs that have lost their brilliance and beauty immediately upon the severance of your relationship. Songs that once pulled at your heartstrings and made you smile like a giddy fool, eliciting thoughts of making out in the hallway leading toward the bathroom at your favorite bar (HOT.) or rolling around between the sheets (minus the static cling and tugging of the hair, unless you're into that sort of thing...), now result in a clenched fist and decisive smashing of the tuner.

The good news: once you've reached the "he's a dumb ass and I'm waaaay better off" point, you can successfully re-incorporate these songs, CDs, venues, etc. back into your repertoire.

But if you really want my advice (and who doesn't want that?), don't ever, ever, ever associate your all time favorite band and/or album with a significant other. You'll never listen to it the same, and some things should remain sacred, just between you and (insert band name here).

I mean, no one comes between me and Paul Meany. Well, except maybe the rest of MuteMath. But I'll take the whole lot. I'm a lover.


  1. There's also that slightly masochistic syndrome when, if you have songs/a band you associate with your significant other, AFTER you break up with him or her you listen to them MORE. Yup. Ultimate fail.

  2. I love it... This is actually something that I've always tried to do... but not with just Music... with possessions as well...

  3. The same thing could be said for movies. I made the mistake of doing that and now there are certain favorites that I rarely watch anymore because of the connection between them and my ex.

  4. My Slacker Radio just played me a little JT (my guilty pleasure artist). I felt guilty because immediatly a thought popped into my head reminding me of my own true "slacker" from the past. I of course had a rush of flashbacks prompting me to feel like I'd just cheated on Mr. Chicken. It's easy to throw away music, trinkets, letters, and pictures, but what do you do with your memories?