I am a fortress....kinda

The process of choosing topics I consider kosher for blogging is a bit strange. Though this is a personal blog and I am usually sharing more than any of y'all really care to know, there are some things about which I just choose not to blog. These are probably the dialogues some of you would actually care to read, versus the typically inane, quippy crap I generally share.

For example, I don't tend to share a lot of the Come to Jesus moments I experience as I go through this ordeal with my mom. Part of it, admittedly, is that I don't like to bring people down or make them cry (unless it's tears of joy from laughing at my mishaps and unabashed bitchiness). It may be therapeutic for some to purge all these feelings, but I'd rather save that stuff for my actual therapist (or for a story I've been slowly devising in my head as all this has gone down).

So on days when my posts are MIA, know that I am just dealing with some stuff and will post again as soon as I get a few minutes...or someone pisses me off right good and I've got a rant that just can't wait.

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  1. That's fair enough. No-one has the right to expect anything from you that you're not willing to share!

    But, y'know, depending on the nature of your blog, it might help. Only a few of my friends even know I blog so in that way, it's therapeutic to have another outlet, and indeed the whole thing started off as a diary for myself to read when I'm older/more boring.

    So if you're similar to me, then it might be nice to have feedback from people who read your stuff and do actually give a rat's behind about your opinion, but that won't see you everyday and subject you to those initial awkward silences. But it's totally up to you.