A Hottie Grows in Dallas

(Yes, I'm blogging about boys. Get over it.)

I went out two consecutive nights this past weekend, which is pretty much Spring Break status for this old lady. I joined Shine, Gofahne, Graygrrrl, and many other awesome ladies to celebrate someone's 30th birthday. (I won't say who.) (Bwahahahaha!) (It's only funny because she doesn't look a day over twenty-two, but acts twice as cool as...well...pretty much everyone.)


I have been a bit pouty as of late due to my prolonged singledom. (There is probably no greater understatement.) (April, stop laughing!) My eye is not easily caught, and I started to think that perhaps I was a wee bit dead on the inside.

And then we went to Bolsa. And I had a total come-apart.


I am not going to go into too much detail here (as I have a few loyal guy followers and would rather not alienate them completely), but let's just say that I'm reborn. As of Saturday night, I'm feeling aaaaaaaallll kinds of situations on the inside.

What did I do about these feelings, you ask? Oh, well nothing. Duh. I mean, these DVR'd episodes of House aren't going to watch themselves if I'm out gallivanting around with Mr. Serving Up Some Sexy (which, really, applies to the bartender and/or the waiter). Let's not get too crazy, folks!

P.S. I still blame the polenta. Or maybe the delicious, delicious dirty martinis, which also made me realize that I am a total priss. (Yup, a priss who cannot form a sentence when Mr. SUSS grazes my arm as he presents my plate of beautiful, fancy veggies. I'm a bit of a riddle.)


  1. We must add this to our list of items to discuss! I'm intrigued.

  2. Haha, oh cruel temptress. You said so much without actually *telling* us anything.

    p.s. you must realise you're ridiculously pretty? Make the most of it! :P

  3. Good to hear the drinks were flowing properly...down your mouth and not onto the budding beau...or yourself.

  4. Tyler, you make a great point: as juvenile as this post seems, REALLY it's progress! (Which, actually, is super sad. Haha.)

    Stephen, you are too sweet, my dear.

  5. I witnessed the whole thing. I will admit out loud (in typing) that she was a bit of a blubbering mess. I can't figure it out either, since she's a stunning picture of female hotness and wickedly smart, while also being ridiculously funny.

    I'm pretty sure if I hadn't been worried she would kill me, I might have done something about this myself. But alas, dying at your own birthday party isn't exactly...well, fun.

  6. I'm just glad to know I'm not the only blubbering fool when a pretty boy comes around. It was SO much more fun to watch than to sit through (don't tell me karma isn't a bitch). Although, why Shine is more afraid of you than me I will have to investigate.

    Stephen K, I said those EXACT words to her that evening and was met with an eye roll. Among her LONG list of awesomeness qualities, humble is also one of them. It's impossible not to love her, but terribly enjoyable to watch her actually start flailing before your very eyes.

    Back to Bolsa quickly! I think I've now posted this on every medium possible. Which means, it might actually happen.

  7. As much as a man in uniform appeals to the fiesty tarts in us all biscuit, I'm not really sure that uniform invloves carrying a tray of veggies. Although, I would agree about a man that can make a mean drink so bartender is OK according to my rule book. Sing it..I like the bartender..take it T-Pain!