Getting my name out there, one innane blog at a time...

It's a little bit funny that just a few days after writing my post championing the awesomeness of compliments, I receive what is, in my opinion, the ultimate commendation for a writer. The Editor-at-Large of Details magazine mentioned--and even went as far as to quote!--my post about Edward Cullen.

I'm not quite sure how Jeff Gordinier even came upon my blog, but it seriously makes my year that he chose to include my commentary in his article. He is an awesome writer, which is an unfortunate discovery AFTER he has given me props (so to speak). But questionable motivations be damned, I'm buying his book ASAP.

This whole experience (which is admittedly kinda small in the grand scheme of things, but huge for this lil lady) has taught me three things:

Lesson #1 - When you really put yourself out there, awesome things can happen.
People publish crap all the time via internet, often thinking very little about what or how (where you at, Grammar Police?) they share. But it was a big decision for me to start a blog because I keep my writing pretty close to my heart. It and the topics about which I write are very important to me. Sharing my work with people is kind of like taking off my top in a room full of people. (Never happened. Hypothetical. Never.) Scary stuff. But since taking the leap and putting on my Big Girl Panties (holla, LiLu!), I've received nothing but great, encouraging feedback, even before this notable shout out. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't have this outlet in which to indulge. (Probably eat many, many cupcakes. And drink. A lot.)

Lesson #2 - Googling yourself on a regular basis is just good practice.
A lot of people are wise enough to use pseudonyms for their blogs and whatnot, but as I've already got all sorts of crap floating around in Cyber World for my acting, I keep everything in my real name. I do a quick search every few months to ensure that there's nothing sketchy out there. (No one want to be surprised with a naughty edit of one of your films or photos. I mean...if you have films. Or photos. Oh, you know what I mean!) Had I not Googled myself, I might never have happened upon the super-awkward Twilight fan site that featured a link to the Details article.

Lesson #3 - The Twilight Saga really is life changing.
...Oh, I made my point.


  1. Natalie don’t’ sell yourself short on this. It's great and it's really obvious how much effort and pride you take in your writing. I agree that there is a lot of stuff put out there without taking into account the basics of writing. Not denying that I'm probably a little iffy on the grammar and punctuation, but reading some of these blogs you can tell where the work is put in. And having your work used by Details should show you that you’re doing it right. Well done.

  2. Something similar (but smaller) happened to me with a Canadian reporter when I wrote a post years ago about *mumbles* having a mancrush on Bruce Willis when I was a kid.

    Now she emails me a couple times a year for quotes to use in various articles.

  3. -ps Congratulations!

  4. That is HUGE!!!! Congrats, lady! :-)

  5. You are amazing. Glad there are more people daily proving this point. Congratulations sweetheart! I know you're just to humble to say, Ps - I rock. So I'll say it for you... You do. Rock.

    And #3... Duh.

  6. That is hella impressive. It's nice to know that simply sticking at it and working hard can sometimes reap rewards. Congrats! :D