Pay It Forward, You Big Wussy.

There is no better pick-me-up on a crappy day than a lovely, genuine compliment from a total stranger. (I qualify what kind of compliment would actually make my day to ensure y'all understand that, "Hey, nice ass!" is not the day-making kind of comment. I'm looking at you, gents. Though, to be fair, my toosh is pretty good. I got it from my mama.)

So why then, I ask myself, do I not jump at the chance to hand out compliments to strangers? You know, that whole Pay It Forward situation?

I think I panic for two reasons:

1. I know how I react when I am approached in public, even if by a sales associate at the store in which I'm voluntarily shopping. I freak the eff out. "Stranger Danger" sounds through my head and I'm pretty sure I'm about the be made thoroughly uncomfortable as I'll probably have to speak to Approaching Stranger. Awkward human + unsuspecting awkward human = tag-team mental breakdown in the middle of Target. (Not that, I'm sure, that would be a first.)

2. I also know how I react when someone I don't know gives me a compliment...at first, at least. I initially feel so uncomfortable that visions of me curled up in the corner, wrapped in a blankie with my thumb in my mouth, start looking about right. I question their motives for saying something so sweet and (probably) unwarranted. Because my faith in people sucks that badly. (Hey, you read my blog. Do I strike you as the Ambassador of Humanity? Not so much.)

But I need to put on my Big Girl Panties and get over it. Even if Compliment Receiver rolls his/her eyes when I walk away and wonder what valid commentary this hot mess has to offer, I will have made leaps and bounds toward being a successful member of society, as well as cultivated the hope that such an interaction would (in time) mean as much to them as it does to me. Maybe Stranger Lady was considering some wacky diet, but my complimenting her expertly-applied makeup or sassy hairstyle would give her the boost in self-esteem necessary to embrace her adorable frame and Lovely Lady Lumps.

It could totally happen.


  1. I, um...I'm totally the weird girl who compliments strangers all the time. I just think it's always nice to hear something from someone who can't possibly have an ulterior motive. Or if that person does have an ulterior motive, it's so sneaky and secretive and like a spy movie that I'm interested to see it come to fruition.

    So yeah, I'm the girl at the bar saying to the dude standing next to me, "I can assure you that I don't want to sleep with you. But you have really really nice eyebrows."

  2. I also like to compliment strangers! Though I hate it when it happens to me!! Totally akward!! Urgh

  3. Big Girl Panties is my favoritest phrase of all time! You can borrow mine if you want.

    Wait. Gross.