[Monday Rant] ...Not!

I can't do it! I simply cannot rant on so lovely a day. (Crazy, I know.)

This is the first truly blustery day of the season, and I am much too jazzed about that fact to complain (even about, say, the idiotic patients who think a pimple constitutes an emergency; it does not). It was a cool 48 degrees during my glorious morning commute, beautiful fall leaves dancing through the sky as Vivaldi filled the Volvo with jovial sounds. My seat warmers toasted my buns as I relished the thought of finally being able to sport my adorable new coat this evening to the premiere of Eveline. (Cold weather be damned, I will still look fashion-forward and worthy of the big screen!)

It may seem silly to get this wound up about dropping temperatures, but I simply adore seasonal weather. This is the girl who moved from sunny-and-perpetually-75-degrees Southern California clear across the country to New York City, just to enjoy the fabled winter (well, that, and pursue my dream at a gorgeous art institute). While Texas has only mild versions of most seasons--with the exception of the hellacious summers--it does at least provide lovely days such as these to traipse around in fluffy, handmade scarves and UGG boots.

What is your favorite cool weather accessory?

Photo of author by Hansel Dobbs


  1. I swear I'll stop raving about it one day, but the snuggie is the best relationship I've had in a while. THUS, cool weather accessory #1 for me... le snuggie. #2 - hot cocoa and Toy Story/Home Alone (yep, I'm 5!).

    Also, "Vivaldi filled the Volvo with jovial sounds". I had to read that about 3 times to get it straight woman! :)

  2. Favorite cool weather accessory: Members Only Jackets (favorite since Jr. High)

    Were you listening to The Four Seasons? Cute coincidence(especially if it was the Autumn movement) or was this an intentional pairing with your blog...

    Wait a sec... jackets can't be considered accessories!
    Since I earn a (meager)living as a young men's clothing buyer, I should at least pretend to have some comprehension of fashion and apparel.Right?
    *Earflap beanies, with braids and snowflake prints...best(selling)COOL WEATHER ACCESSORY!

  3. A friend just got me gloves sans fingertips, which I always thought were a little silly... until I saw THIS pair, which has a half-mitten you can pull over the top! Easy access fingerings!

    ...That came out wrong.

  4. I love this pic of you!

    I gotta go with scarves. I heart them. I used to have a pair of fingerless gloves that i adored. They were grey with a red fairisle pattern and skulls. They have managed to go the way of the buffalo though and I miss them daily.

  5. I need some of those fingerless gloves with the "easy access" flaps! I am so bad about poking myself in the eye with a finger full of wool because I forgot about my gloved hands when going after an eyelash. Idiot.

    The green scarf I'm wearing in this pic is one of my mom's creations and probably my fave fall/winter accessory. But I also love me some pashmina. It's like an elegant blankie (since people look at me funny when I shlep my Snuggie out on the town).