I Promised Myself I Wouldn't Cry

Even though I am pretty unemotional on a regular basis (like, suspiciously so...I might be dead inside), I turn into a hot mess of sobs when certain songs tug at my heart strings. I mean, HOT MESS...

When I was a toddler, my parents thought I was having some sort of asthmatic episode in my car seat, but then they realized I was simply so fahklumpt over hearing "Laura's Theme" by Christopher Cross (which, sadly, is from a damn soap opera...oh baby Natty, for shame) wafting out of the sexy teal green LaSabre's speakers that my forehead broke into hives and I couldn't breathe from sobbing.

I have ruined weddings with this behavior. No joke. My aunt got married when I was seven years old and I was her junior bridesmaid. Long story short, "Sunrise Sunset" + "Up Where We Belong" (God bless the 80s) = little Natty sobbing over the entire ceremony. We've got in on VHS.

Sarah McLachlan's "I Will Remember You"...I just....yeah. Not cool.

But the classic moments are those when the music is so sweet and rife with great memories and/or associations that I cry then too. Great times...

Picture this: me at a club, waving my hands in the a-yer, tears welling up in my eyes, smiling like a fool, and thinking about Mom and Bobs as I sing along to "This is How We Do It." (We'll never come whack on an old school track.) You've never seen a whiter white girl, by the by.

Watching Mom and Pops dance to "Wave on Wave," twirling around the floor in a flash of cowboy hats and big smiles...I'm gonna need a moment.

During the final act of a live performance of Rent, I have to brance myself for the "Without You"/"Seasons of Love" medley at the end. I completely lose my mind.

Music really is amazing. And I don't mean "amazing" as in delicious tiramisu. This kind of amazing is even better. (Possible, but yes.)

What is your favorite blissfully happy music moment?


  1. I can't think of a specific blissfully happy song moment. But everytime I hear Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole's "Over the Rainbow/What a Wonderful World" it puts me in a good mood. The best is when it comes on and I didn't specifically play it. I could be stuck in traffic and if that comes on my mp3 player while it's on random I'm all of the sudden feeling good. Just an amazing song.

  2. I adore you and all of your hot mess moments. I've witnessed your dancing and you are anything BUT the whitest of white girls. Bad dance in one try (AHEM!).

    I totally agree with you. Pretty much ANYTHING Sarah McLachlan sings, and damn her & the SPCA for "Arms of an Angel". Also.. may the good Lord help you if "Keeper of the Stars" comes on while I'm in public.

    I've also witnessed the music emotions with your Mom and Pops. I KNOW it's annoying as we.dont.cry and all, but it's also incredibly beautiful and filled with love. Maybe that's the whole point of music. Although, I have a problem with the "thong song" for yet ANOTHER reason if that is the point :).