I Ain't Stuffin' Nothin'!

I feel like a bit of a loser because I am contributing absolutely nothing to our Thanksgiving Feast this year. This is ludicrous for two reasons:

1. I love to cook. I heart Food Network and all the wonderful network chefs, as well as the beautiful dishes they whip up and serve with the most elegant presentations.

2. I am 27 years old. I can't get away with the "kid's table" rules anymore (though, let's be honest, I am still a bit of a hazard where fiery hot surfaces and lickable spoons are involved).

Yet, I am still usually charged with the simplest and most unimportant of duties: filling the deviled eggs from the pastry bags overflowing with goop and preparing the veggie tray, the latter task consisting of simply picking up the veggies from the cutting board and placing them in the tray. Look out, Julia!
Coming from a long line of amazing and savvy cooks, this is a travesty. The fault is all mine as I refuse year after year to step up my game. (Get it? Game. Turkey. 'Cause the...nevermind.)

I love preparing dinner parties, replete with appetizers, dips, desserts, and (of course) a ridiculous amount of cheese. But when it comes to offering ONE DISH to the feast, I am an utter failure. (Hee hee. Utter.)

Maybe this has something to do with me also being the only single person at the gathering. Hmmm...baking begets coupledom? If so, hand me an apron because I am about to bake my ass off!


  1. You know technical terms like "goop."

    You are clearly light years ahead of me in cooking expertise.

  2. I'm making Cheese and Spaghetti for my little (non-family) get together. It made me think of you. Because there's cheese in it...

  3. I'm still laughing after reading your blog today. I'm laughing with you though seriously. We do come from a line great cooks. I didn't get the sewing, creative, cooking, etc. gene. The only thing I can do is make cookies and candy, just what I need more of.Thanks for taking over the veggie tray for me. Maybe I'm moving up after all.