'First we'll make snow angels for a two hours, then we'll go ice skating, then we'll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookiedough as fast as we can...'

I am a total sucker for the holidays. Capital S, ucker. Christmas is probably my favorite, but mostly because I get an excuse to wear PJs with penguins and candy canes all over them, even if just for one night. (Tho, who am I kidding, I've already busted them out a few times this fall.) But the whole season, with its hoopla, sparkly lights (real purdy), and jingle bells (I'm gonna mug one of those Salvation Army guys one day; they can keep the cash, I'm after the bell. And Santa hat!), makes me an absolute lunatic and happy beyond all reason. Like cupcakes.

I try to pack as many seasonal delights into November and December as possible. Some of my personal favorites:

- Ice skating around giant Christmas trees
- Attend a Christmas-themed play or music performance (DSO and FWSO are the front-runners this year as we did the Rockettes last year)
- Decorate the trees (family tree and Charlie Brown tree for my room)
- Driving around and looking at Christmas lights
- Trying to locate a Santa who will let me sit in his lap...not in the naughty way
- Planning excuses to wear red satin, tights, and fake eyelashes
- Buying gifts for children after my own heart via the Angel Trees around town
- Dancing with the Shamans in hopes of a snow-filled day (or eight)
- Wearing mittens and a scarf on any day that falls below sixty-eight degrees
- Watching Elf. 100 times. A day.
- Boo-hooing like a fool to Amy Grant's "Grown Up Christmas List"...and pretty much any Carpenters Christmas tune

I hope you all enjoy this season as much as I. And if you're feeling a little bah-humbug or need a dose of Christmas cheer, give me a call and I'll show up with my emergency kit: hot chocolate, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, snowglobes, and candy cane striped socks. It's gonna be OK.


  1. Might just need to redeem that offer!

  2. Elf has been the proud sponsor of my Xmas since it was released!! I watch it and Nightmare Before Christmas every year. It's tradition!!
    "What is this? Why am I sitting on paper?"

  3. You have to come up here some time. Now imagine ice skating around a Christmas tree on a frozen pond, then under a wooden bridge while a one-horse open sleigh with jingle bells crosses overhead! Breath taking, in the Capital S, ucker Christmas kind of way. Can't wait to see you 'Sis! -W

  4. You're so going to disown me.

    Though I do totally tear up at Amy Grant's Grown Up Christmas List (and I love Breath of Heaven. Yes, I'm an atheist.), I have never seen Elf. Or Christmas Vacation. Or Nightmare before Christmas. Or That Thing with the Lamp Made of a Leg. Or even Miracle on 34th Street (or whatever street), Polar Express, It's a Wonderful Life...pretty much you name it, I haven't seen it.

    Except Santa Claus: The Movie and that horrid thing with Tim Allen.

  5. Christamas is easily the best time of year! I really hope that your dancing with the Shamans works this year. I haven't had snow on Christmas since I was a kid.

    FYI. Any girl that shows up on my doorstep with National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation should be ready to get crushed on hard. That movie is a classic and any girl that recognizes that is awesome.

  6. I'm a BIG supporter of "Thanksgiving gets the shaft because of Christmas", so I typically pull out all the stops to NOT celebrate/think about/enjoy Christmas time until the day after Thanksgiving. But I live in the Lollipop Gofahne world on a daily basis, so really... snazz it up with a few twinkle lights and we can call it anything you want.

    First orders of business... I don't know Miss Wendy, but I would like to go with you to visit her STAT. Skated my whole life, check. Have I ever skated once on a frozen pond? Nope.

    Second, operation eliminate the scrooge in Shine's movie choices immediately. Not in a "you must believe the hocus pocus of Christmas" way, but in a... "if there were a super dooper gushy chick flick with hot boys, I would make you watch it with hot chocolate and be a pretty pretty princess with me for the evening" way.

    Please to get on both things pronto! Muah!