Will you take a check?

Because I'm utterly spent and cannot think of anything better to blog (well, I can, I'm just not in the mood for all that typing and dictionary-looking-uping...and yes, that is now an actual verb), I present to you:

A Sneak Peak Into the Average Bank Statement for Ms. Natalie Cottrell

Debitor / Price / Purchase

SBUX / $4.50 / Soy Pumpkin Latte with a side of best morning ever
DDP* / $35ish / moisturizer (worth. every. penny.)
ULTA / $28.14 / nail polish (indeed, that is a lot of nail polish)
SBUX / $2.27 / Venti Black Iced Tea
SBUX / $4.50 / Soy Pumpkin Latte (might have been the same day as previous debit)
CHIPOTLE / $6.75 / veggie soft tacos (a.k.a. love, true love)
DDP / $26ish / makeup, or cleanser (no telling, really)
EXXON / $30ish / gas (evil, thy name is daily 70 mile round-trip commute)
SBUX / $3.75 / Soy Carmel Frappuccino (write-off, post-fill up treat)
B&N** / $14.10 / "Bright Lights, Big Ass" (Here's to you, Ms. Lancaster!)
BCBS / $186.00 / health ins. (I'd better actually use this crap some day! Wait...)
CREDIT CO. / $300 / card payment (don't remember what I'm paying for)
DDP / $75ish / misc. skin care products (again, not sure what I bought here)
SBUX / $2.44 / does it matter?? Little cup o' happy, that's what!
DOMINO'S / $13.40 / large cheese pizza (bad decision; might have eaten the whole thing)
TARGET / $25.75 / toiletries & candy (all of which have mysteriously disappeared)
SHELL / $28ish / gas (flashing light be damned, hate Shell gas. next time: Pixy Stix)
DDP / ___??? / ___??? (pretty sure I just straight up gave my paycheck back to them, but only if they promised to share with Starbucks )

And there you have it, folks!

Thrilling, I know.

*Dallas Dermatology Pratice - pseudonym for my place of employment (cosmetic services suite)
**Barnes & Noble....duh.


  1. Awesome! I love your Blogs!

  2. So basically, Starbucks and skin care. There are worse things.

    Mine would include sushi and shoes.

    Miss you, Pretty Bitch.