Where you at, First Base?

It seems once you are of a certain age (or past a certain base), there is no more making out to speak of in your future. Or if there is, it's only for a date or two, or worse: a minute or two. And then begins the crowd favorite: dash-for-the-goods. I mean, don't get me wrong, sexing is great times and there's nothing like a good...well...you know. (Let's keep this a family show, folks.)

But I am a huge advocate of the classic make out and I think it needs to make a big comeback. Like STAT. There are way too many diseases and complications going around, and I for one get turned off of by the idea of sex pretty quickly when I think about all the drama involved, especially if it's (God forbid) something "casual," if that ever even really applied to sex.

Just in case some of you are rusty and would like to brush up on your makeout skills (since for many those likely haven't been put to use since the days when you had to get through physical contact without alcohol or drugs...and no, Boone's Farm doesn't count; it never counted), I refer you to this
very-informative site for a little crash course. It's hilarious and provides some sound advice for moving forward on the making out front.

Disclaimer: I am not, in any way, trying to chastise or judge those who take pleasures in casual sex and the dash-for-the-goods behavior. I am simply not a huge fan (at least I haven't been since I was, like, 15), and would like some other options. Because even though double fudge brownie ice cream is the shizz, you still want a good ol' scoop of rainbow sherbet every now and again. You know that I mean?


That didn't work, did it?



  1. haha.... i agree with all of this my dear!

    and you know, making out or frenching is hot. granted, it's been awhile (even though le pup tries to get international on occassion.. tmi?), i remember it being quite the good 'ol non-diseaseal sexin' good times just without the sexin'.

  2. We are just going to have to agree to disagree Boone's Farm has and forever will be an acceptable alcoholic beverage to me. I will admit on occasion I have concealed my beverage of choice in a brown paper sac so as to avoid ridicule from my more judgmental friends. As for make out sessions which don't turn into a multi base hit (sticking with the baseball metaphor)I have never been sure as how to end them gracefully. I am going to consult your suggested website to avoid future embarrassment

  3. I love the reference to Boone's almost as much as the expletive! Wonderful piece.

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  5. Hell to the yes! Making out = fabulousness and I'm at a point where you better enjoy it in the beginning while you can because once you grand slam it (and I don't mean Denny's) it rarely ever comes back. Also, hello men out there...most women appreciate the build-up! Not all the time, but I DARE you to give her a few pleasantly placed make out sessions and see if she doesn't send you to the moon on a rocket ship!

    My gravy there are way too many metaphors in this post :).

  6. Actually...I'm still making out (for LENGTHS of time). Like all the time (and it's really really yummy). And it's been almost a month. And we've been making the sexy time for a while now.

    Hate me if you must.