These Roots Run Deep

This has been one of those days that makes me appreciate my life so much. Or, more precisely, today makes me incredibly thankful for those I am lucky enough to call family. I don't, for a second, take for granted that I still have both of my grandparents (on my mom's side), and that I live close enough to my maternal extended family to take advantage of their wisdom and hilarity on a regular basis.

I enjoyed a long lunch today with Mom, Don Don (one of two aunts on this side), and Mamaw (that's Southern talk for "Grandma"). We are a very strong group of women (Aunt Dee Dee included), and we always enjoy our get-togethers, talking about men, relationships, food, beauty, the total lack of common sense in today's world, food, travel, health, food, Dr. Oz, etc. (Imagine Sex and the City, only less F-bombs and the age differences span four decades.) I cherish this strong feminine bond within my family, and know that it unequivocally shapes so much of who I am.

I then spent the afternoon exercising my Green Thumb in the garden with Mom and Papaw (Southern talk for, you guessed it, "Grandpa"). Despite the profound dizziness I was experiencing (don't let this small body fool you, I'm the most out-of-shape human being ever), I was blissfully happy, taking in the sights and sounds of a perfect afternoon: the wind rustling the banana trees, Papaw's cigar, the chickens talking back to Ma as she shooed them away from our newly-planted Mums, the cool fall breeze playing in my ponytail, the damp earth between my gloved hands. Tomorrow we will fill the soil with pansies; and yes, all the while the song from Alice in Wonderland will be playing in my head.

You really can learn a lot from the flowers.


  1. I am so happy to see that you enjoyed the day as much as I did. I actually felt normal today and not sick. Days like today make me be able to handle the chemo. I need more days like this one and less of the other. I love you so much and am happy you enjoy the small, but beautiful things of life. MWAH!

  2. Woman, I keep missing your blogs because you keep changing the damn name of it. I'm going to have to smack you in a second.

  3. from one family girl to another--it's good to see that is still considered 'cool' by someone other than me!