So Good It Hurts

When I love something to a ridiculous extent, it tends to up my gag reflex.

Hot, right?

Last night I had the supreme pleasure of witnessing MuteMath's Dallas show of their Armistice Tour. It was, true to MM form, nothing short of amazing. I hadn't heard the band's most recent album (which always makes me feel like a poser as someone who claims to love their music), but I figured they'd play some gems from their first, self-titled release. And that they did. "Noticed" was the highlight of my night as a personal fave, but "You Are Mine," and "Chaos" were also splendid, not to mention "Typical," "Break the Same," and a nice smattering of tunage from MuteMath (2006).
Now, I tend to get a bit bent out of shape when bands only play their new songs; imagine that: playing the songs belonging to the tour so-named for the most recent album. Pfff. However, to my great surprise (and in my supreme underestimation of this incredibly talented group), the tracks from Armistice were as mind-blowing, if not more so, than my old favorites. So melodic and complex in true MuteMath fashion. I felt so ecstatic that I had to temper my goofy grins and "singing" for fear of barfing all over the Palladium Ballroom. It's seriously that good.

I was already a fan of "Spotlight" from the Twilight soundtrack, which they rocked during the encore. (Oh shut up with the groans. That soundtrack kicks ass, as does the whole franchise so cool it with the scoffs, buddy.) (Oh, and by the way, who leaves the venue when they leave the stage after their set?? The band is never done when they first say goodbye. Encores are a given, and usually the best, most rocking part of the whole show. Keep your seats, for sobbing out loud. Well not seats, but...uh...square of concrete. Yeah. Stay.) "Backfire" has me officially obsessed. I feel in love with it at the show and can't stop listening to it. "Clipping" is heavy and gorgeous. I can't help but dance around to the poppy "Electrify," and "Goodbye" just brings tears to my eyes with its sheer sweetness. These tracks remind me why I adore music down to my soul and can't imagine not being able to experience these moments. Lifeblood, indeed.

You didn't think you'd get through this without a post-public-outing rant did you?
The show would have been absolutely perfection had it not been for the IDIOTS parked next to us for the duration of the set. First of all, wearing one of those tubey dress contraptions to shows should be outlawed. Palladium Ballroom: not a club. This isn't Kinky Lounge (don't.even.get.me.started.). But I could have forgiven this fashion faux pas had they not also decided to grind up against each other through each and every song, plastic cup-o-beer firmly grasped in their damn hands. There is a time and place. I get the weed smoking. Hell, I enjoyed a frosty brew myself. But drunk, bubbly, dancing college girls...stick to Dave Matthews shows and we'll be just fine. (I don't have any beef with DMB, per se; but their fans make me want to drop a firestorm of acid. You know which fans I'm talking about.)

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