Growing increasingly tired of the bon bons...

So what does an actor do when auditions are waning and you hear crickets in the background when your agent calls, you ask?

Excellent question!

As I am exhausted from working the good ol' day job, I am resorting to a list to answer this question. (And, let's be honest, I love me some lists.)

1. Check on supplies. This is the perfect time to reorder headshots (in case, say, you used your last theatrical headshot to visualize bangs for fall) and make sure all your resumes are up-to-date. The surest way to book a last minute audition is to have zero headshots and a printer sans ink with a four-month-old resume.

2. Paint nails. A different color. Every day. This is a big treat as I generally don't deviate from Ballet Slippers during audition season. (Few casting directors really appreciate the sight of a perfectly-painted Lincoln Park After Dark nail.)

3. Try to spin each and every social outing into a work-related event so I have something with which to update my professional website.

4. Contemplate new heashots. Contemplate new bangs. Contemplate new headshots with new bangs.

5. Re-edit demo reel...again. Acting reel has yet to see the light of day, mostly because I am effing sick of looking at that footage. (Yes, I realize it's new to everyone else. 'Preciate the push, tho.)

6. Touch base with clients I've work with before (keepin' on the radar!) and hound producers for footage I've yet to receive.

7. Flirt with the idea of working out. I mean, I don't understand why I don't have a hot Hollywood bod. Ooo...Junior Mints.

8. Shop. Honestly, this is work-related. I've been photographed or filmed in almost everything I own now, which is a pain in the rear. I hate, hate, hate shopping, so it's really frustrating when I hear, "Bring wardrobe options to set." This means I will have yet another defunct item taking up space in my closet after the shoot; and since most projects aren't under SAG contracts, I don't get compensated for using my own clothes, nor can I write off that clothing item because I could wear it in everyday life. Piss and hell.

9. Embrace the break and focus on my non-acting life: catch up on reading, put in some extra hours at the day job, hang out with my wonderful friends, spend time with the fam, and get some R & R. After all, things always pick up, usually when I'm least expecting it. The downtime saves my sanity when the industry picks up.

10. Use all my favorite--albeit temporarily-ugly-making--skin care products while I don't have to worry about a makeup artist yelling at me for peeling all over his/her pricey brushes. (Excuse me while I exfoliate, yo!)

11. Daydream about being on set. I think about what kind of roles and projects I want to do next. After all, I do love this crazy business and can't see myself happy doing anything else.

As much as it pains me to leave off on an odd number, I think that's enough selfish rambling for one evening. Hopefully it won't be too much longer before I have another Set Diary for you to peruse. If not, I may have to start responding to some of those sketchy casting calls on Craig's List just to have something to write about (a la Shine's dating escapades courtesy of OKCupid.com).

But let's not go there for now...


  1. Oh dear...and only one of my bad dates was actually due to online dating! Well, two if you count the scary, um, sex toy issue years ago.

    Oh dear.

  2. if you respond to the sketchy castings on craig's list be sure to document your jouney!