That's What She Said (Vol. I)

This will be a series of comments overheard that make me chuckle. For my first installment, I will share some things I've said recently that make me laugh on the inside, or, as I like to call them, "What the hell has happened to me?" Enjoy...

"I'll be right back. I've got to run up to Love's Truck Stop to take Pops his cross-bow."

"My sleeping pills are right over there by my giant coffee mug and half-empty wine glass."

"I love all of God's creatures. Except whales. They're evil. And large. And bees. Bees are evil, too."

"I'm sorry I was late. I couldn't get the damn chickens out from behind my car so I could pull out."

"I didn't realize I'd be barefoot and wearing shorts in this scene today. I would have covered up all the bug bites. And painted my toenails. And shaved my legs." (Can you believe I'm single?)

"Just park on the grass on the side of my house. You know, in front of the RV and tractors."

"This restaurant would be even nicer if I were wearing my Snuggie."

To be continued...


  1. Oh man, that bottle of wine proceeded by coffee has gotten me in trouble loads of times. PS- why do you live on a farm?

  2. It's not exactly a farm, per se. It's a pretty house in the country. With chickens. And tractors. Hmmmmm...suddenly my argument is lost.

  3. Oh the things I've said...

    I made one of these lists once. And I was scared of myself for a week. Except, ya know, I'm awesome.

  4. I was witness to a few of these comments and I must say they are even funnier when repeated out of context. Oh the -isms of our fabulousness!

  5. Bearing witness to a few of these was kind of awesome, I must say. Oh the -isms of our fabulousness!

  6. Hahahaha... I find you to be a funny girl...bug bites and all!