I heart New York

I was listening to King of Leon’s “Manhattan” today and instantly felt a longing for the streets of New York City. I often find myself wishing I had something to do, but hesitate calling a friend for fear of feeling as though I am inviting myself to whatever they’ve got planned, which will inevitably make me feel more lonely than I did before. But in New York there was never a reason to feel alone nor bored. Just being out in the city was something to do. It is so full of life and activity that simply getting from place to place was a small adventure. There’s a buzz in the air that makes every moment, no matter how mundane, seem exciting. Never once did I feel weird about eating by myself, catch a movie solo, or taking a subway to one of my usual stops and wandering around. It’s as though New York appreciates the individual. In so many ways, it’s a city built for single people.

Damn, I miss it.

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