Insert lightbulb here

I was in the midst of my pre-shoot routine tonight (whitening strips in place, Kerastase mask marinating on my hair under a shower cap, nails drying from my at-home manicure…) when it hit me like a ton of bricks: I am a paid actress. I know it sounds stupid especially as I have been reveling in my fortune at staying so busy with acting work lately, but I felt this overwhelming sense of joy as I realized that people will actually pay me an amazing rate and fly me in from another state to perform in front of a camera! (Fully clothed, by the by. LOL!) I have been looking so forward to this shoot in Tulsa, OK as a chance to get away and have a hotel room all to myself, but I am also excited for two full days of shooting/working! I just pray that this feeling never goes away and that I never take any of this for granted. If I do….you have every right to throw a pie in my face, preferably coconut.

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